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UBports Website / (Website)German

    (b) frei von jeglichen Komponenten oder Erweiterungen die Abhängigkeiten in Formatierungen haben or                Protokolle die ihrerseits nicht den Definitionen eines offenen Standarts entsprechen;
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UBports Website / (Website)German

Committed changes 11 months ago
<b>17.1.</b>&amp;nbsp;Upon abolition or
dissolution of the foundation, nobody has a right of reimbursement
for the assets they might have contributed.
11 months ago
<b>17. Devolution of propertyÜbertragung des Eigentumes</b>
11 months ago
<b>16.3.</b> Resolutions about changes other than those mentioned in §15 paragraph 1, including those according to §16 paragraphs 1 and 2 can only be conducted via in-person meetings of the entire board of directors. Those resolutions need unanimous consent of the entire board of directors, and a simple majority of all members of the board of trustees (not only the voting ones). The equal status of the members of the board of trustees is not modifiable. §15 paragraph 2 is to be respected.
11 months ago
<b>16.2.</b> Change of Scope, Merging, Liquidation, and the conversion into a European foundation are reserved.
11 months ago
<b>16.1.</b> The foundation organs can add further objects to the foundation, if they are related to the original object, and the continued and sustainable pursue of those objects are not hampering the original objects- provided the foundation’s general foundations assets or revenues are only in part required for the fulfillment of the original objects.
11 months ago
<b>16. Expansion and change of objects, Merger, Liquidation, Conversion, and other changes to the statutes </b>
11 months ago
<b>15.2</b>&amp;nbsp;Resolutions modifying the statutes need approval of the Foundation Authorities, prior to becoming effective. The Tax Authorities have to be informed accompanied by a statement.
11 months ago
<b>15.1</b>&amp;nbsp;The board of directors can change the statutes only to the extent that the foundation’s objects remain unaltered, and changes don’t materially affect the original character of the foundation, and facilitate the fulfillment of the Foundation’s objects.
11 months ago
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