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Instructions for translators

Dear translators,

new languages from this repository are not automatically appearing on the web page - we have to enable them manually. So, if you are keen on starting a new language, please udnerstand that we require a minimum translated coverage of about 33%-40% per file to accept a new language. We have seen in the past that people sometimes translate only a few paragraphs and then give up. But thats not a usable translation.

Please write to <> for such requests. Thank You!

Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International
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在这里你可以找到这些教程::doc:`将 Ubuntu Touch 安装到手机上 <userguide/install>`,:doc:`使用 Ubuntu Touch <userguide/dailyuse/index>`,:doc:`开发 Ubuntu Touch 应用 <appdev/index>`,:doc:`将 Ubuntu Touch 移植到 Android 手机 <porting/introduction/index>` 以及 :doc:`了解系统级开发 <systemdev/index>`。如果这是你第一次来这里,可以考虑阅读 :doc:`简介 <about/introduction>`.
a month ago
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På denne siden finner du veiledninger for :doc:`installasjon av Ubuntu Touch på enheten din<userguide/install>`, :doc:`use Ubuntu Touch <userguide/dailyuse/index>`, :doc:`utvikling av Ubuntu Touch-programmer <appdev/index>`, :doc:`tilpasning av Ubuntu Touch til en Android-enhet <porting/introduction/index>` og :doc:`lær mer om systemkomponenter <systemdev/index>`.Hvis du er her for første gang bær du lese :doc:`introduksjonen <about/introduction>`.
2 months ago
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UBports Docs / Documentation: indexDutch

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Op deze website vind je handleidingen omtrent het :doc:`installeren van Ubuntu Touch op je telefoon <userguide/install>`, :doc:`het gebruik van Ubuntu Touch <userguide/dailyuse/index>`, :doc:`het ontwikkelen van Ubuntu Touch-apps <appdev/index>`, :doc:`het porteren van Ubuntu Touch naar een Android-telefoon <porting/introduction/index>` en :doc:`meer informatie over de systeemonderdelen <systemdev/index>`. Als je deze website voor het eerst bezoekt, neem dan eerst de :doc:`introductiepagina <about/introduction>` door.
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UBports Docs / Documentation: indexDutch

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